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Hello and welcome to the Volatility.RED resource and repository project!

So you want to be a professional trader? Great! ...but before reading anything else, understand that trading for a living can be one of the hardest professions you've ever encountered. Make no mistake, the odds are stacked against the common trader, and the market is designed to eat through new and greedy traders. If you want to stand a chance, you cannot treat the market like a casino.

"Trading is the hardest way to make an easy living." - Anonymous

However, if you make it, trading can also be one of the most rewarding careers out there (both financially and intellectually.)

Here at Volatility.RED, it is our goal to provide a central resource for all topics related to professional speculative and proprietary trading. Here you will find guides on how to get started, how the market works, regulations and rules, risk management, and how to progress your trading career.

We are not an advisory service, we will never give out signals or investment advice, we will not promise you riches.


"Nobody wakes up in the morning, looks themselves in the mirror, and says: "I'm going to make SOMEONE ELSE rich today!" - Jack

(Above quote is from The On Professionalism Thread Series over at FXGears)

The only person who's going to yourself! Anyone telling you otherwise is only trying to sell you something. There are no shortcuts ahead, and every step of the journey is important in your development as a trader.

This wiki was born out of the need for a well organized, fast, and reliable resource for the following online trading communities:

(This list will be growing rapidly in the near future! If you run an online trading community and would like to make use of our site, please contact us!)

We work closely with these communities so the resources and information hosted is of the highest quality and extremely useful to their userbase.

However, as we expand in our content, we will include information useful to traders from all walks of life and not just focused in on subjects covered in the communities above. So check back often, as new material will be added and this site will be growing quickly.


Volatility.RED is organized into following major entry points: