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Come join over 13,000+ traders in our unique community chatroom where you can meet other like-minded traders, contribute, discover, and exchange trading ideas, and learn from other experienced traders in real time!

Join HERE through this discord link!

You will need a discord account and will be able to use our chat via a webpage, on mobile, or on desktop discord apps!

Chatroom access is FREE, and all major markets and subjects are covered! Our active channels include:

  • Forex - 3 rooms: #forex-general, #forex-questions, and #forex-resources
  • Algo Trading - 3 rooms: #algo-general, #algo-questions, and #algo-resources
  • Stocks - 3 rooms: #stocks-general, #dividend-investing, and #stock-resources
  • Crypto Currencies - #crypto-trading
  • Futures - #futures-trading
  • Options - #optoins-trading

We also have a lively algo trading channel for programmers who want to up their trading game.

Now featuring chart-bot! - Quickly reference a chart while talking with traders with simple chat commands:


Just replace SYMBOL with your desired ticker or currency pair, and TIMEFRAME with the time period you’d like to chart . Within 3-5 seconds the chart bot will post your desired chart into the chat room. It’s that simple and easy!

Here are a few examples: Hourly (60 minutes) chart of SPY ETF:

!chart SPY 60

Daily EUR/USD chart:

!chart EUR/USD D

3 minute period chart of Bitcoin in Tether:

!chart BTC/USDT 3

Example images are reduced by 50%, they will be larger in the chatroom. The bot is powered by our friends over at TradingView, who we highly recommend for web-based charting.


Because we are a free and open community chat, we have strict content and chatting rules that all members must follow to keep the community humming along smoothly. Members not following the rules will be ejected from the chat, often permanently. Moderators also reserve the right to kick or ban anyone at their own discretion.

1. No promotional activity

This includes promotion of your blog, website, product, or service. It doesn't matter how "free" your service or content is, promotion here is not permitted and will result in a ban. This also includes content marketing, such as watermarked infographics or videos.

2. No self-promotion of your social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc..) or YouTube accounts

This includes putting your social media handle in your username. We are not here for you to game followers.

3. Keep It Professional and Friendly!

No insults or attacks of any kind. Abusive posters will be banned. We don't care if they called you names first; report the abuse to the moderators and we will deal with the offending party. Giving into a name-calling spat will likely get everyone involved a long timeout (ban.)

4. Go light on the memes

Memes are occasionally funny but don't overdo it. We welcome the occasional meme, especially on weekends while waiting for the market to open, but if your account is a non-stop shitposting train you best stick to the off-topic channel. Use common sense here, we are traders, not degenerates.

5. Mods have the final say on all issues that arise

Mods reserve the right to remove any posts without explanation. Do not argue with the mods over decisions made, they are here to help the community and any abuse of a moderator will result in a ban.

Coming soon:

  • Chart Bot will get indicators as optional elements of the charts you request.

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